Sourcing Terms & Conditions for the purchase of products


“Terms and Conditions” means these “Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Products”, together with any modifications or additional provisions specifically stated in Buyer’s final Purchasing Offer or specifically agreed upon by Buyer in writing.

“Buyer” means the Fameco company, incl. Fameco Medical Instruments S.A.R.L; Fameco Analytical Instruments S.A.R.L & Fameco Nordic ApS, purchasing the product(s) as referred to on the Purchasing Offer.

“Seller” means the party selling the product(s) as referred to on the Purchasing Offer.

“Agreement” means the Purchasing Offer accepted by both Buyer and Seller in writing for the purchase of Product, together with these Terms and Conditions.

“Product” means any deliverable under the agreement, which may include new, pre-owned or refurbished equipment or instruments, spare parts, consumables or services.

“Price” means the agreed price stated on the Purchasing Offer.



These Terms and Conditions governs all agreements between Buyer and Seller. The Terms and Conditions are binding, supersede and override any and all Terms and Conditions of Seller howsoever and whenever communicated. No other agreements or understandings, that may deviate from these Terms and Conditions, will be binding unless Buyer confirms in writing.


Products purchased under these Terms and Conditions will be within the categories of product listed below:
– For parts only: Product is purchased for parts and Buyer accepts the current state and condition of the product without warranties of any kind
– AS/IS: Product is complete in its original form but purchased in its present condition
– Good working condition: Product is complete and fully functional


The price stated on the Purchasing Offer is valid 30 business days from the date the Purchasing Offer was issued.

The price is subject to adjustment on account of product specifications and/or deviances to such. Buyer reserves the right to alter the price based on defects or damages to equipment, which were not identifiable at the time of delivery.



Delivery and transport shall be done in accordance with the Incoterm defined on the Purchasing Offer on the delivery date stated on the Purchasing Offer. Seller is, subject to the Incoterm, in delay if the product is not made ready for transport or delivered on the agreed delivery date.

Seller shall carry all and any costs for crane and rigging operations, and any special handling requirements.

Seller shall ensure that all electronic equipment is correctly shut down and prepared for transport.

Pipes, containers, or any other vessels containing fluids must be emptied and prepared for transport.

Seller must remove any radioactive source(s) from the product before transport. Failure to do so will entitle Buyer to claim compensation for all and any costs related to the removal and correct disposal of the radioactive source(s).

Seller shall reimburse and compensate Buyer for any damages to products caused by inadequate handling and packaging.

Buyer shall not be obliged to return any packaging materials.

Privacy regulations place the responsibility for protecting patient data on the healthcare provider. In order to prevent unauthorized disclosures of patient data, Seller must ensure removal of all patient exams and any other data related to test results from product before the product leaves Seller’s premises.



Buyer will be entitled, without compensation to Seller, to cancel the agreement in case Seller is in delay of making the product ready for transport or in delay of delivering the product, or in case of any changes in product functionality or changes to configuration of product that could lead to re-negotiation of the price.

To the extent that the agreement is terminated by Seller, Seller shall reimburse and compensate Buyer for any expenses made based on the agreement or lost profits.



Payment will be done by bank transfer upon receipt of Seller’s Proforma Invoice in accordance with the payment terms stated on Seller’s Proforma Invoice.

Seller is obliged to send an Invoice to Buyer once payment is confirmed.



Seller undertakes and warrants that the product complies with all specifications given to Buyer and mentioned on the Purchase Offer and complies with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Seller shall notify the Buyer of any known defect in the product.
Buyer accepts normal wear and tear, but only if Seller documents that all services have been done and all requirements in relation to maintenance have been fulfilled, unless otherwise agreed on Purchase Offer.

The Buyer agrees to inspect the Product upon receipt at their warehouse and reserves the right to claim to the Seller if the received Product does not correspond to the Purchase Order validated by the Seller or presents substantial defects that have an impact on the functionality of the Product.



Seller agrees to inform Buyer in writing whether the supplied information, goods, software and/or technology is US controlled and/or controlled under the export control laws of its own country, and if so, to inform Buyer about the extent of the restrictions (including but not limited to export control legal jurisdiction, export control classification numbers, export control licenses and/or CCATS as applicable).

Seller shall obtain all international and national export licenses or similar permits required under all applicable export control laws and regulations and shall provide Buyer with all information required to enable Buyer and its customers to comply with such laws and regulations. Seller agrees to indemnify and hold Buyer harmless from any claims, liabilities, penalties, forfeitures, and associated costs and expenses (including attorney’s fees), which Buyer may incur due to Seller’s non-compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Seller agrees to promptly notify Buyer of Seller’s receipt of any such notice of a violation of any export control related law, rule, or regulation, which may affect Buyer.



Should any part of these Terms and Conditions be held invalid, void, or unenforceable by applicable law, the remainder of the Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force.



Any dispute arising out of or in connection with any agreement between Seller and Buyer, including any disputes regarding the existence, validity or termination of the agreement or including any disputes regarding the validity of these terms is subject to French law. If no amicable settlement can be made, the dispute shall be brought before the Commercial Court in Strasbourg, France.