January 27th-30th
Arab Health – Dubaï, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

March 16th-18th New date September 7th-9th
ArabLab – Dubaï, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

March 17th-19th New date October 27th-29th
EuroLab – Warsaw, Poland

March 25th-26th New date October 7th-8th
Forum Labo – Lyon, France

March 31st-April 3rd New date October 19th-22nd
Analytica – Munich, Germany

June 6th-9th
EERA-EDTA – Milan, Italy

August 23rd-28th
Geco 61 – Montpellier, France

October 7th-9th
Medic West Africa – Lagos, Nigeria

November 16th-18th
Analytica China – Shanghaï, China

November 16th-19th
Medica – Düsseldorf, Germany


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