Fameco: our work during the Covid-19 pandemia

Fameco’s work to help Hospitals

During the Covid-19 pandemia that is now a worldwide issue, Fameco’s work is essential in the fight against the virus :

In these troubled times, the entire world is now focused on medical equipment and especially on the ventilators. Indeed, the lack of such instruments is one of the reasons why hospitals across the world now have to make a difficult choice regarding who can be treated or not.

Fameco has the knowledge and capacity to refurbish those ventilators in a short amount of time. In the past few weeks our teams in France have been able to refurbish hundreds of machines. We then sent those units to Italian, English and French hospitals.  Our engineers are working in a laboratory with all measures respected in order to avoid any contamination. Every day they are cleaning, repairing and repainting ventilators, patient monitoring units and aenesthesia machines (the ones with a ventilator option). Their work and the refurbishment of this medical equipment thus saved hundreds of lives.


Fameco: our work during the Covid-19 pandemia
Aenesthesia Machines have a ventilator option



We are very proud to be part of the fight against this pandemia and we truly hope that our work help hospitals in urgent need of medical equipment.


If you have  used ventilators / aenesthesia machines / patient monitoring units for sale, please contact us..

We can purchase this equipment worldwide and we take care of the shipping issue.


Fameco: our work during the Covid-19 pandemia
Six ventilators are ready for hospitals that need them urgently


Fameco Analytical and Fameco Medical

Regarding our two other activities, our teams are still working.

As France is under lockdown for a few more weeks, most of our commercial employees are now working from home. Thus, they can still purchase, sell and answer to all our customer’s questions about our refurbished equipment and our company.


We are looking forward the end of this health crisis and we truly hope that all our partners are doing well.


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Fameco: our work during the Covid-19 pandemia
Refurbished Patient monitoring units