Fameco GME

Fameco General Medical Equipment is a French company located just outside Strasbourg in the heart of Europe.

We are specialized in second-hand medical equipment of only the leading brands:

  • Refurbished Dialysis, Anesthesia and Ventilation instruments
  • Preowned Endoscopy, Electrosurgical and general medical equipment

endoscope medical equipment


All products are purchased from European clinics and hospitals directly.

All our refurbished instruments will undergo an exhaustive refurbishing process to ensure that it is in perfect working order, and then be sold with a 6-month guarantee on parts.

All our preowned instruments will be verified and checked by our team of engineers, and shipped only if in good working condition.

medical equipment fresenius 4008S-primus-cv180 refurbished

 medical equipment training


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* "Operations including cleaning, decontamination and tests that don't affect the original performances of the device"

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